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The acronym SSL responds to the terms in English (Secure Socket Layer), which is a security protocol that makes that its data travels in a complete and safe way, which means transmission of data between a server and web user, and it’s fully encrypted. The fact that the data travels encrypted, means that we use mathematical algorithms and a system of keys that are only identified between the person who is browsing and the server. By having a reliable SSL certificate, our data is encrypted, at that time we can ensure that no one can read its contents. All this leads us to understand that the technology that provides an SSL certificate is the secure transmission of information over the internet, and thus confirm that the data is free of unwanted persons.

An SSL certificate is a technology that provides you with a great online security solution, it helps us to guarantee to customers that the site they are visiting is safe; From a simple visit, make purchases or log in.

An SSL certificate implements the preferred model of web security, it contains digital keys that protect the integrity of your data when sending and receiving. Servers running SSL create a single encrypted route for private sessions over the Internet, the public key of the server is available to anyone. That’s why they use a public key and a private key: The public key is to encrypt the information, the private key to decrypt it.

Triangular Payment Gateway:

The fraudulent use option is avoided with a triangular payment gateway.
This type of gateway redirects clients to the site of the bank to be where the payments are made.
The customer provides the data of his bank card to the payment gateway of the bank and not to the seller.
On the other hand, the financial institution can not know the items purchased, the shipping address or other personal data of the client that are not relevant to the payment.



PayPal: (Paypal link)

This is an eBay payment system that allows you to purchase products or services, transfer money between users, collect an invoice or make micropayments.
It associates a bank account or bank card at the time of registration and works as if it were an internet bank account.
The income in the PayPal account is made from the checking account or the associated credit card, which allows you to have a balance to spend when you want.
This is a way to pay without the seller knowing what the bank details (account number, card number)
In this mode of online payment there is no cost to the buyer and the commission is passed on to the online seller on each transaction.
At the time of purchase, just enter the user name and the password of entry into Paypal to authorize the payment, a process that minimizes the risk of intercepting the card number.
In recent years, this online payment model has spread widely and its origin was eBay auctions.

Bank Transfer: ( +info )

It is an operation whereby a person (the payer) instructs his bank to charge a certain amount of money to the account of another person (the beneficiary of the transfer) in the same or in a Another entity.

Payment on delivery

Transport agent commissioned by us receives the payment during the delivery of the package. € 30 extra costs in this method of payment.

 Information about payment:

* What is the IBAN?

IBAN | International Bank Account Number

The IBAN is the standard created by the European Committee of Banking Standards (ECBS) with the aim of facilitating the homogenous identification of bank accounts to all countries. The IBAN (ISO standard 13616) consists of a maximum of 34 alphanumeric characters, depending on the country.

In Spain the IBAN consists of 24 characters with the following structure

The first two characters identify the country of the account. In the case of Spain it would be: ES.
The following two characters correspond to the control digits, calculated according to the algorithm used to validate the IBAN.
The twenty remaining characters correspond to the Customer Account Code that has been used and identify the Financial Entity (4 digits), Account Office (4 digits), Control digits (2 digits) and Account Number (10 digits).
The IBAN comes in two different formats:

Electronic format: The presentation of the IBAN is done with all the digits followed, without spaces of separation.
Printed format: It is the same as in electronic format, with the following exceptions:
The initials “IBAN” precede the IBAN and are followed by a space.
The IBAN is divided into groups of four characters separated by a space.

CCC 9000 0001 21 0123456789
IBAN (electrónic) ES0690000001210123456789
IBAN (printed) IBAN ES06 9000 0001 2101 2345 6789


* What is BIC or SWIFT?

BIC | Bank International Code

The International Banking Identification Code (BIC), also known as the “SWIFT banking code”, allows a unique identification of each credit institution and / or its offices. This code is necessary to automate the sending of payments to receiving entities.



Source: SEPA website

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